Valley Wellness Center and Canyon Pain Center

Pain Management

(602) 338-9251 At Valley Wellness Center and Canyon Pain Center we offer a wide variety of medical services. We have board certified Pain Management specialists that can help you feel better and function better.

A Pain Management specialist will evaluate your situation immediately and effectively. We will customize a treatment plan with specific goals in mind for you. We take a big picture approach to your healthcare, which means you will be working with a team of medical providers. This is a much safer and more effective approach to Pain Management issues. If pain management is delayed for some reason you may experience further complications such as stress, anxiety and severe pain in your body.

We can prescribe a variety of medications depending on your requirements and goals. We may prescribe opioids or other types of medication, and we do comply with all protocols set forth by the state of Arizona and the federal government.

We are certified by the state of Arizona as a Pain Management facility and our service is second-to-none. We have same day appointments available for you. We accept all medical insurance, car accident insurance, credit cards and cash payments. Call today for your immediate appointment. We can help you even faster now with your Pain Management.

Our phone lines are open 24 hrs a day for you.