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Car Accident

Call (602) 338-9251 Dr. Gary L. Wagoner car accident crash chiropractor doctor in Phoenix. Call today for your immediate appointment if you have been in a car crash injury accident. All insurance is accepted. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria chiropractic physician doctor. Injuries from a car accident need to be documented immediately by a doctor who has years of experience such as Dr. Gary L. Wagoner. Being involved in a car crash is a very traumatic experience. We can help. We also have other specialist in our office that can offer pain medication if necessary, physical therapy and massage. We have same day appointments for you. Morning, afternoon, evening and weekends. If you are working with an attorney that is fine. Even if you do not have a lawyer we can still help you.

Car accident doctor chiropractor in Phoenix Arizona

Car accident chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona Dr. Gary L. Wagoner